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Living in LA. Q104.7 Ventura Friday 6pm-9pm Damizza's "Take Over" DJ. Through his various work throughout Tokyo and L.A., DJ Couz showcases his multiple talents worldwide as a DJ and producer.  His deep knowledge of the West Coast Hip Hop culture has established him as a unique DJ, and his lifestyle as well as his DJ style has brought many followers. DJ Couz is living in LA now, and he often appears on Big Boy's Morning Show and its events as a homeboy of Big Boy, a well known Real 92.3 personality. DJ Couz has been involved with "Big Boy & DJ E-­Man presents Mickey Fickey Mix Japan Tour" from vol.1 to 14 since 2001. He has also brought many artists to Japan, such as Xzibit, DJ Quik, Frankie J, Baby Bash, and more. DJ Couz has definitely played a major role in developing West Coast Hip Hop in Japan. Furthermore, there is no other domestic DJ in Japan who plays such an important role in introducing the hottest US artists to the Japanese market.  DJ Couz continues to do so through his work such as releasing an official mixtape with Nipsey Hussle. As a producer, he has produced a song for the "Kevin's Jeweler" commercial, which was on air for more than 7 years on Power 106 FM. Furthermore, he has produced songs such as "Floating" with G. Malone and B-Real on the track, Nipsey Hussle's "Squeeze First", S.C.C's "Hunit $ Bill", and more.  He has showcased his talents to the world as a producer through these projects.  He has also produced for Japanese artist, AK-69, on "I Don't Give A FxxK" feat Maccho on "The Red Magic" album, which hit No.3 on the Japanese Oricon chart. He has also produced Hokt's "OG Kush" feat Big Ron on "No Limit" album, and many more. When he works in L.A., he is the official DJ for Damizza, a producer for Mariah Carey, as well as a rapper. DJ Couz appeared on DJ Quik's "Trauma Tour" as a DJ for Damizza, played in huge clubs such as House of Blues, Valut 350 and more. He is currently focused on working to make radio hits, so the day DJ Couz's music gets played on radio not only in L.A., but all over the U.S.A., should not be too far in the future. [Produce Works] "Floating" DJ Couz feat. G. Malone, B-Real & Brooke Tayler Produced By DJ Couz & onodub “Squeeze First” DJ Couz feat. Nipsey Hussle Produced By DJ Couz & onodub “Hunit $ Bill” DJ Couz feat. South Central Cartel Produced By DJ Couz & onodub “I’ma G” DJ Couz feat. Damizza, Rokks, Los & Dopey Loco Produced By DJ Couz & onodub “Hustle Around The World” DJ Couz feat. Young De Produced By DJ Couz & onodub “Westside Music” DJ Couz feat. Damizza & Young De Produced By DJ Couz & onodub “Summertime In 805″ DJ Couz feat. Damizza & Jared “JD” Moore Produced By DJ Couz & onodub “C-Luv” Performed By Damizza, Fingazz & O’Shey Produced By DJ Couz Co-Produced By onodub “Kevin Jewelers” Performed By Big Boy Produced By DJ Couz Co-Produced By onodub “Pitchin’” Unlereased Performed By Lil’ Eazy-E Produced By DJ Couz Co-Produced By onodub “Each Everyday” Unlereased Performed By Knoc-Turn’al Produced By DJ Couz Co-Produced By onodub “Waisting Your Time” Unlereased Performed By 2nd II None Produced By DJ Couz Co-Produced By onodub See More Recent Works